Amel Bouazza, MBA – CEO
Kanzy Medipharm inc

Une histoire Pur&Net

At the beginning of the year, as the global health crisis began to unfold, we at KanzyMedipharm watched with suspicion as this pandemic disrupted, slowed down, took lives and paralyzed the planet.


Like many entrepreneurs, I am surrounded by a multitude of questions related to the fate of my company and that of my team members.

Will we survive COVID-19 and its effects on the economy?

In mid-March, Quebec is put on hiatus. My questions double in intensity? What to do? Give in and accept the help offered by the government or stand by to deal with the crisis? Combat is a way of life. I go for the harder solution, but the healthiest in my eyes.

« Tenir son bout »

While all the forecasts are for a collapse of our industry if the situation continues. I put myself in solution mode. We must find a way to stay afloat despite the announced chaos. We are not the only ones in this situation, but the company must be saved.

I will not allow that  Kanzy Medipharm, which offers hormone-free supplements for farm animals and which I have always been proud of, be carried away by this


One end of the day when I leave my office, I wander in my thoughts on the road to Saint-Jean sur Richelieu. The sun sets on a thin reddish line. I stop on the side of the road to immortalize, using my cell phone, this moment of grace. The setting: farmland as far as the eye can see.

The radio, which broadcasts worrying information continuously scrolling across the screen of my anguish, is becoming less and less

And for a moment, I stare at the horizon and see this light that I miss.

Kanzy Medipharm is part of the solution

at Kanzy, we work for the welfare of farm animals and the humans who eat them. They are spared the pangs of hormones. This has always been our mission and it will be no different this time around.

At a time when we think of a return to a more or less normal life. We are sure that nothing will be the same at work, at school and even at home.

In addition to wearing a mask, recommended in shops, public transport and certain workplaces. Actions as simple as frequent hand washing are becoming essential. If there is no soap, we get the hand sanitizer.  

A sanizer that protects and cares for your hands.

The idea of ​​a hand sanitizer that could kill germs without harming sensitive skin sprouted in my head. I just found a way to make Kanzy Medipharm’s contribution to the war effort. Yes, fighting this coronavirus is a war that requires everyone's effort.

The market lacks disinfectant and new habits will eventually make it an essential product in the years to come.

With a production line, in an industry where sanitary standards are the most rigorous and demanding. Our factory then seems to me to be well equipped to be there.

Convince the team

After a few hours of disturbed sleep, I assembled my team at the factory to tell them about the idea that had arisen the day before. The answer isn't immediate, but the looks are telling. It ranges from questioning to cautious enthusiasm, not to mention the smirk full of doubts.

Je reprends mon souffle, expose de nouveau mon idée en groupes restreints. Je mets à chaque fois plus d’ardeur pour vendre une idée à laquelle je crois chaque heure un peu plus.

Then come the practical questions.

Nous ne serons pas seuls sur le marché. Comment  convaincre avec un produit qui se démarque?

The research stage has started and the entrepreneurial network is involved. The need is to find the right formula for a product that does not harm sensitive skin. The requirement: it must be moisturizing and soft.

Il doit également répondre aux normes exigeantes de Health Canada.

Research and development work is underway, in parallel with a compliance exercise that leaves no room for improvisation. The standards are strict and do not allow errors before any validation. With certifications and recognitions already acquired at the cost of rigorous discipline. The first deliveries of Pur&Net™ are already appreciated by customers.

À qui est destiné Pur&Net?

Tested then approved by Health Canada. The disinfectant in liquid and gel form is available for customers wishing to protect their employees, their customers and their environment.

Que ce soit dans les usines, où il est difficile de se laver les mains fréquemment, dans les bureaux , les garderies et les cliniques, le désinfectant se prête à différentes situations et peut convenir à plusieurs environnements. Son usage permet de se laver les mains rapidement procurant un sentiment de sécurité pour tous les citoyens.